Producing the best goldenberries in the world starts with investing in the farming families that carry on this rich tradition.

David, Raul and Daniel, three brothers from Ecuador who co-founded Terrafertil in 2005, began partnering with goldenberry farmers in Ecuador and Colombia that grow the best goldenberries in the world.

They developed the Goldenberry Plan as our responsible sourcing program that helps Terrafertil improve livelihoods for the hundreds of families they've come to partner with.

By generating sustainable income, providing hands on training, and promoting sustainable farming practices that respect the environment, Terrafertil is committed to supporting farmers in the areas that matter most.

Over the last 5 years, Terrafertil has generated over $15 Million US Dollars of direct income to farming families in Ecuador and Colombia that sustainably produce the best goldenberries in the world.

Our Core Focus Areas


Supporting farming communities through secured volume commitments, fair prices, continuous agricultural training and investing in cooperative development programs


Reduce the environmental impact of agriculture in the Andes through pesticide use reduction, Organic certification, tree planting initiatives, and comprehensive waste management programs.