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Marta Gualsaqui – investing goldenberry income in education

Marta Gualsaqui was one of the first farmers in the Cumbas community to produce goldenberry eight years ago, and the organic plant is now well established as her family’s main income source. Before goldenberry, however, Marta made a very meager income from crafting bracelets, earning $5-$10 every now and then, but with no...
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Ana Martina Gualapuro Cotacachi – a pillar of support to family and community

Ana Maria and her family had always traditionally lived close to the subsistence level, with the market paying only $20-$40 for a 100 pound bag of corn. That changed dramatically with Ana Maria’s transition to goldenberry, which she exclaims has been “excelente!” Ana Maria explains “…that what makes goldenberry different is that it...
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Lurdes Pineda

Lurdes Pineda is a goldenberry farmer in Ventaquemada, Colombia, and has been working with Terrafertil for 6 years. Lurdes’ first contact with goldenberry came several years before that, working first as a goldenberry harvester. Seeing the benefits from those who she was working for, Lurdes decided to invest in goldenberry herself. She remembers...
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